Darkrooms in northern light – en liten puff

04 juni 2010 § 12 kommentarer

Idag kan jag inte låta bli att känna mig lite uppåt samt mycket hedrad då jag fått en serie bilder publiserad på ”Darkrooms in northern light”, i mina ögon en mycket intressant blogg där en hel del intressant fotografi visas. Det är inte bara Naturfotografi utan fotografi av mycket blandat innehåll, men alltid intressant och ibland tämligen experimentellt. För att inte tolka eller förvränga DoNL egna intetioner citerar jag dem i stället!

”Darkrooms in Northern Light is a new photoblog from Norway featuring a group of carefully selected photographers. Based on widely differing experiences and seen from a range of perspectives, the works presented here are permeated by the distinctly individual style of each of these contributors. Their photographic practices stand out from the dominant mainstream approaches to photography, challenging the viewers on many levels. Although pursuing different styles and topic matters, they all share a firm dedication to capturing the moment and exploring the full range of human emotions. Which is perhaps why their work often strikes a universal chord, touching viewers on a deep human level.”

Ha de´ Thorsten

Columba the missionary


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