Bear country … Kuikka Base Camp, Finland

16 juni 2015 § 8 kommentarer

Bears Klintphoto

The Magic Light from a night in the bear country in Eastern Finland (Kuikka Base Camp, Kuhmo Finland).

Please enjoy, I did …

All our gratitude to the Sami and Lassi Rautiainen

New guardians on the English graveyard …

29 maj 2015 § 1 kommentar

The English gravyard

The other night there was some new guardians on the English graveyard, Hanö, Blekinge.

Don’t be afraid.

All the best Thorsten

Triplet in gulls …

26 maj 2015 § 2 kommentarer


After a long weekend with good friends in PhotoNatura at the Island of Hanö, I am now struggling with processing all my photos. On the east side of the island there is a large colony of gulls which also host some razorbills.  Here is a first preview 🙂

All the best Thorsten

Red-throated loon …

05 maj 2015 § 8 kommentarer


Red-throated loon is reasonably common  in marshy areas with many small ponds  in the middle and northern Sweden (from the county of Västmanland,  Dalarna and Värmland and further north).

We had the pleasure to watch this couple last weekend during a frosty morning at Knudshöjdsmossen, Västmanland.

Best, Thorsten


Martim-pescador-grande …

09 december 2014 § 2 kommentarer



The Portuguese name is to me much more suitable than the English; Ringed Kingfisher. The largest and the most common kingfisher you can see along the rivers and wetlands in the Pantanal area, Brazil.

Best,  Thorsten

5 av 5 … What’s Your Favorite Place on Earth?

01 oktober 2014 § 2 kommentarer


… one of mine  is certainly the African savanna in Kenya. Experiencing the magnificence of colors at sunset accompanied by a rising thunderstorm at the horizon is very powerful. What’s Your Favorite Place on Earth?

All the best Thorsten

Moose calfs …

24 september 2014 § 3 kommentarer

En tidig morgon för ett par veckor sedan mötte jag dessa tvillingar tillsammans med sin mor. Ett trevligt möte, men lite förvånad blev jag nog över hur pass små kalvarna faktisk var vid denna tid på året (slutet på augusti).

Ha de Thorsten


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