Bear country 2… Kuikka Base Camp, Finland

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During a fantastic and exciting night we had the chance to watch some of the bear’s personal life … What do they fight about? What do you think?

All the best Thorsten

Bear country … Kuikka Base Camp, Finland

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Bears Klintphoto

The Magic Light from a night in the bear country in Eastern Finland (Kuikka Base Camp, Kuhmo Finland).

Please enjoy, I did …

All our gratitude to the Sami and Lassi Rautiainen

Kuikka base camp – a heaven for wildlife photographers

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Brown bear


Kuikka base camp is situated not far from Kuhmo in Finland, close to the Russia border. The base camp is placed on a peninsula in lake Kuikkajärvi and surrounded by vast pine tree forest.

This time we were guided by the knowledgeable photographer and writer Magnus Elander and local wildlife professional Sami Rautiainen. This place turned out to be a heaven for photographing and watching bears, wolfs, wolverines and eagles. There were opportunities to make close-up photographs as well as more scenic pictures. The varieties of habitats were a great asset, including lakes, forest and open marshland areas.

After staying awake 5 nights in a row we were rewarded by numerous bear-sightings, a couple of wolverines lurking around the hide and in the last night we had the good fortune to observe interactions between bears and wolfs a couple of times. Of course there were many hours of “none-activity” but it was ok to fill with photographing ravens and white tailed eagles. To have the opportunity to watch animals in this large wilderness felt like a privilege. Kuikka base camp is probably the best place in northern Europa for wildlife photography.

All the best Thorsten


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