Bilderna från Utställningen på Galleri Blå Porten, Ölands Skördefest 2015

28 september 2015 Kommentarer inaktiverade för Bilderna från Utställningen på Galleri Blå Porten, Ölands Skördefest 2015

Ett fanastiskt gensvar fick bilderna som vi ställde ut på Galleri Blå Porten.Tack för alla diskussioner, trevliga pratstunder och uppskattande kommentarer. Inramning av god mat, medryckande musik med The Hurley & the Blue Dots, samt inte minst det fantasktisk värdskapet från Mikael och Maryon på Blå Porten skapade en oförglömligt Skördefest.
Här är bilderne för er som inte var där ….

Ha de Thorsten och Marie


Bear country 2… Kuikka Base Camp, Finland

02 juli 2015 § 5 kommentarer


During a fantastic and exciting night we had the chance to watch some of the bear’s personal life … What do they fight about? What do you think?

All the best Thorsten

Triplet in gulls …

26 maj 2015 § 2 kommentarer


After a long weekend with good friends in PhotoNatura at the Island of Hanö, I am now struggling with processing all my photos. On the east side of the island there is a large colony of gulls which also host some razorbills.  Here is a first preview 🙂

All the best Thorsten

Red-throated loon …

05 maj 2015 § 8 kommentarer


Red-throated loon is reasonably common  in marshy areas with many small ponds  in the middle and northern Sweden (from the county of Västmanland,  Dalarna and Värmland and further north).

We had the pleasure to watch this couple last weekend during a frosty morning at Knudshöjdsmossen, Västmanland.

Best, Thorsten


A last crane picture …

13 april 2015 § 2 kommentarer


At least for this season, I suppose …

Have a good day Thorsten

All the best to all of you … 2015

30 december 2014 § 8 kommentarer



Seasonal Greetings and the Best  for New Year 2015 to All of You.

We can now look forward to the coming spring light …

A Magical Light Photo Year to you all.  Best Thorsten


Black-capped Capuchin Monkey, Pantanal, Brazil

17 december 2014 § 4 kommentarer



Black-capped capuchin also known as tufted or brown capuchin,   was rather common in the Pantanal area. They are somewhat clever, since they have been seen using stones to open nuts and even using fine sticks or straws to get syrup or “fishing” for ants. We met them in a small gallery forest and thought they will disappear as soon as they saw us, but apparently they were curious of our activities, so at some point we wondered who was observing whom?

All the best Thorsten

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