Red-throated loon …

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Red-throated loon is reasonably common  in marshy areas with many small ponds  in the middle and northern Sweden (from the county of Västmanland,  Dalarna and Värmland and further north).

We had the pleasure to watch this couple last weekend during a frosty morning at Knudshöjdsmossen, Västmanland.

Best, Thorsten



Wood anemone …

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Wood anemone

Den svenska brudkronan eller blomsterkransen.

Ha de


A last crane picture …

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At least for this season, I suppose …

Have a good day Thorsten

And some more cranes …

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Have a good day


Cranes appearing in the mist …

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There was no spectacular sunrise, so all of a sudden the cranes just appeared out of the mist.

Double exposure;  Lake Hornborgasjön 28 mars 2015

All the best  Thorsten

Market Place in Stone Town , Zanzibar

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A glimpse from the market place in Stone town, Zanzibar.

Have a good day!



Greetings from Serengeti …

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In Serengeti, Tanzania we got the pleasure to met this beautiful lady. Normally you see the leopard only at a distance, but this lady gave us the full show.

Best  Thorsten